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"I checked out the VIN of a Dodge Intrepid that was advertised as a one owner vehicle. Your report showed the title changing hands three times and it was listed as rebuilt. This information changed my mind."

Rich Reint - Cincinnati, OH

"I just wanted to thank you for your great online service. The Vehicle History Report saved me from buying a $9,000 Toyota truck. The check came back with some odometer mileage discrepancies, showing 20,000 more than what the seller told me."

Pat Benker - Seattle, WA

"I consider this the best 20 bucks I've ever spent. Your car check showed an odometer rollback of over 12,000 miles for the van I was just going to buy today. I'll be sure to run a report for the next van I find before getting to the buying table."

Debbie Watson - Madison, WI

"I checked the title of a car I was going to buy for 11k and your database showed it used to be a rental car. I'm going to use your service for other cars I look at - and request the owner pay for it! Thank you."

David Sankes - Orlando, FL

"I used your free check and got a title warning, since I really wanted this car I did the full check and it came back to have flood damage. I would never have known this by looking at the car. You saved me from a bad buying decision. Thanks"

Todd Johnson - Denver, CO

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Free VIN Number Search Check

Do you know where that car has been? Get it checked out before buying with a vehicle history report.

Auto VIN Numbers (short for "Vehicle Identification Number") are seventeen-digit codes that uniquely identifies a vehicle. Every truck, car, motorcycle, trailer that is built are assigned a VIN number. DMVs and insurance companies use the VIN number to keep track of each vehicle.


Get UNLIMITED vehicle history reports! Before you take the keys of your next vehicle, check the facts and shop with confidence.

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