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Before you take the keys of your next vehicle, check the facts and shop with confidence.

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A trusted favorite of car shoppers, Experian AutoCheck offers thorough information on vehicle histories. 16 billion records on more than 384 million vehicles help expose hidden problems, AutoCheck identifies flood damaged vehicles, salvaged titles, theft histories, and rolled back odometers-major problems that may lower the value or compromise the safety of the vehicle. They are the leader in vehicle history reports as well as credit reports.

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Buying a new car?

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Common locations of the vehicle identification number:

  • Firewall of the vehicle
  • Left hand inner wheel arch
  • Steering column
  • Radiator Support Bracket
  • Dash by windshield
  • Drivers door or post or passenger side
  • Maintenance Book
  • Machined Pad on front of engine

Get UNLIMITED vehicle history reports! Before you take the keys of your next vehicle, check the facts and shop with confidence.

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