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Buying a car - and saving money when you do so - is not necessarily a complicated process, but it is one that takes some time for preparation and information gathering. A little effort spent on the planning stage can bring big rewards when it comes time to actually buy the car.

Review your financial situation
Determine what you can comfortably afford in your car purchase. Check your credit to make certain that no problems or mistakes exist. A minor error on your credit report can raise your interest rate or cause you to be denied for a loan.

We have made arrangements with Privista for you to get a FREE COPY of your credit report today.


Do your financial comparisons
Talk to your bank or credit union and get their terms and rates. Take advantage of auto loan comparison sources such as Lending Tree, where you can submit one quick application and get offers from multiple lenders within 2 business days. The power of the Internet at work!

LendingTree lets you choose the loan that's best for you. Complete one simple form and have lenders compete for your business.

When everything is right -- the car, the dealership, and the price, relax and buy the car. If you have done your preparation, there is no need to agonize needlessly. Begin to enjoy the car!

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Before you buy that used car, find out if it's a piece of junk! Check for odometer fraud, past wrecks, flooded cars and more!

If you are looking a several cars, you can order unlimited auto checks until you find that perfect vehicle! It's a great way to avoid a bad buy.

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Free VIN Number Search Check

Before you buy that used car, find out if it's a lemon, courtesy of Experian.


Get UNLIMITED vehicle history reports! Before you take the keys of your next vehicle, check the facts and shop with confidence.

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