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What To Ask Before Buying

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Here are some examples of what you might want to ask:

1. Asking price.

2. What is the lowest offer you are willing to accept? or Is your price firm?

3. Are you the original owner? (If not, where did you buy the car?)

4. Color of the car.

5. Description of the car.

6. What work has been done to the car? (New parts, service records, etc.)

7. Has the car been in any accidents (no matter how small)?

8. Why are you selling your car?

9. Are there any potential problems that you know off? (I.E. the transmission has been diagnosed with 3 months to live)

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The location of the Vehicle Identification Number may vary on the year/make/model of vehicle, but some common area's do exist. In addition, the VIN is often referred to as the Chassis Number Format or the vehicle Serial Number by people. It may be in plate (aluminum) or label form or bar code form or cast/stamped on the component (actual part). e.g. engine, frame, etc.


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