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Where To Find A Used Car

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In finding a used car, there are plenty of options of where to buy from. Here is a list of your options.

The first option would be a new-car dealership

These cars are most often the trade-ins from new car puchases. Most people, when buying a new car, trade-in their old car so most new-car dealerships will have a large selection. Most new car dealerships will have the cars inspected by their mechanical department and some of the used cars will even have warranties. These cars can be bought outright or can be financed through the dealership (if you qualify for financing).

The second option would be a used car lot

These lots vary in accountability and credibility. These lots will have a wide assortment of cars to choose from so if you're looking for something specific or something that's hard to find, this would be a good place to look. Most cars on these lots are "as is". There is financing available at most of these lots but it is normally offered at a high interest rate. A smart idea is to get all promises and/or guarantees in writing from the dealer before you sign anything or hand over any money.

The third option, online services offers price quotes on used cars as well as new cars. By filling out the online form, the used car you have been looking for could be as good as yours. Using an online service such as allows you to search the online classifieds for the used car you want without ever leaving your desk.

The fourth option would be a rental car company

A majority of rental car companies will sell their older model cars once they have reached a certain mileage. These cars will most likely have high mileage and will have been used by numerous people. This can be a downfall but they will also come with service records, which is a plus. With this you will know how the car has been maintained.

The fifth option would be auctions

An auction usually consists of repossessed and towing yard left behinds. Auctions are a difficult place to try and buy a used car. Before an auction they will normally have an open lot so you can look at the cars that will be auctioned off but none of them state starting prices for the auction and you can't test drive them or even start them most of the time. Used car dealers will make up the majority of the people bidding on the cars so getting a good deal won't be easy. Some auctions will have financing (government auctions) but most will insist on full payment up front and some insist on cash payment before you can touch the car. This is not a good idea for buying a used car.

The sixth option would be private sellers

Private sellers are usually easy to find. Classified newspaper ads, car trader publications, and Internet classified postings are usually packed full of private owners trying to sell their used cars. You might even find the used car you're looking for right here at our own e-cartips classified listings. There are also parking lots in most towns where privately sold used cars will be parked in a row facing the street with the prices and phone number of the contact person posted in the window. When buying a used car from a private seller, be sure you are ready to take the car for a test drive, look at the interior, exterior, and engine, and to ask questions. Prepare all of your questions before you go to see the car and make a list if you think you won't remember all of your questions. You might also want to ask your questions over the phone when you call to make an appointment to see the car. This will cut out a lot of unnecessary trips to see these cars if you know ahead of time that it is not what you are looking for.

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Free VIN Number Search Check

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